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Hidden Crystal Tarot Creator Cathy

Nice to meet you.

Hi, I'm Cathy. I've been offering seasonal wellness inspiration and products since 2018. My goal has been to help make wellness and woo an easy and approachable part of daily self care.

Exploring it all with my kids, Olive and Zoey, I've been able to create activities and lessons that are expansive and connect with little ones. Their values are to live with G.L.E.E. (Global Citizenry, Lifelong Learning, Empowerment, and Energy), and each one is thoughtfully weaved into the resources for families so that we can all raise thriving, mindful global leaders.

Daily care for me includes reading next to an open window, warming up with hot breakfast tea, and pulling a tarot card of the day. Most of all, I enjoy reading with my two young girls, Olive and Zoey, exploring Vroman's for new books, and exploring SoCal farmer's markets.

I'm so glad our paths have joined here. I'd love to get to know you more and support your journey. Please email me, join our newsletter list, enjoy a cloth, and share your altar photos.

Rooting for you, Cathy

Email me:

Hidden Crystal Tarot_Workspace_Candle_Nightly RitualHidden Crystal Tarot Mini Crystal Grid for Abundance

Photos: My standing desk with a mini crystal grid for abundance and candle. Every night my daughter and I light this candle and share gratitude. Every night she sends her love to everyone who buys "her" cloths.