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Supporting your path towards your higher self.
Enjoy These Paths of Posts for Your Tarot Journey
We have posts featuring free tarot spreads, tarot accessories, the holistic journey, crystals, and much more to support you.

A Path of Posts for if you're New to Hidden Crystal Tarot
Path of Posts for Our Newest Posts
Path of Posts for Hidden Crystal Tarot's Free Tarot Spreads. Enjoy our blog on Tarot, Spirituality, Crystals, Tarot Spreads, and our Tarot Cloths.
I wish you many positive readings on our cloths and love connecting with everyone on our blog. You are welcome to peruse the posts and share your thoughts. I welcome feedback. What do you like reading about? What did you disagree with?

I post at least once a week and enjoy creating new tarot spreads a lot. Before I post a new spread, I always test them on myself to see if they ring true. Sometimes I test it and realize I need to add another card to paint the whole picture of what I'm trying to see. 

Cheers, Cathy