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Buyer Love

This tarot cloth is WONDERFUL! I LOVE the design around the edges depicting the suits! I like a blank center that doesn't detract from the layout too. It's the perfect weight--not too heavy and not too light.


This Tarot cloth perhaps the best quality and design you can buy... it just compliments and elevates your psyche using it. Thumbs up for this product. Look at the pictures how gorgeous and alive the Tarot cards become!


I cant say enough how AMAZING THIS PRODUCT IS. PERFECT SIZE AND QUALITY! Also is backed up by the most increadible customer service!


I was blown away by the colors, the texture, and the authenticity of this beautiful tapestry. The design is bright, beautiful, and contrasting to the bluish black background. I don't believe I've ever seen a tapestry so wonderfully designed as this one, and I am just absolutely in love. Thank you so much for this. <3 It'll be on my altar all year now.


These stickers are great! I love the colors and the variety. I got them to use with my Metaphysician's Day Planner and they work very well together. Recommended


It came today and I love it. So many cloths are so visually busy, I find them distracting, or so lightweight they flutter and drift when I want them to just stay put. This is perfect--a wide-open, clean black center for an uncluttered background and the four elements drifting around the corners. Perfect.