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Tips to Use Your Cloth and Stickers

Moon Phases

Moon Phases Cloth  Plan With the Moon Sticker Set
  • Try pulling a tarot card on the moon phase you're currently in for your card of the day. Connecting to the guiding energy next to it, how can you harness it today?
  • In preparation for the upcoming month, shuffle your cards and place a card on each moon phase to create a game plan based around your matching energy as the moon waxes and wanes.
  • Get our free New Moon Workbook by signing up here:
    Free New Moon Workbook with prompts and moon phase energy



Solar System Suite

Solar System Cloth + Planetary Energy Sticker Set


  • Plan your day with the planets on your side. Did you know that every day has a ruling planet, and that planet's energy can amplify or attack your plans? Why not ride the natural wave to ease and flow? Learn more about the daily vibe by signing up here:
 Planetary Energy ruling planet


Kitchen Witch


Kitchen Witch Cloth Kitchen Witch Sticker Set
  • I prefer to cleanse my sacred tools before using them and come from a Filipino culture that has historically used smoke cleansing as a sacred cleansing ritual to purify oneself and loved ones. Other indigenous Native Americans, Central and South American peoples, Asian and other cultures, also use purification rituals that use smoke, or smudging with plants like sage and palo santo, to similarly cleanse themselves, their spirit, or an area.

    Wanting to respect and acknowledge that sacred tradition, but without a local spiritual elder to guide me through that process, I’ve wanted to create a sustainable design that shared the clarifying intent without contributing to over harvesting of any crops, and while highlighting its shared sacred roots. I understand the desire to cleanse yourself and things in a way that feels right, but also cannot create this without acknowledging the injustices and cultural appropriation that has happened to people related to it.

    Working with this cloth and focusing on the cleansing intent throughout using it feels right to me by having all this history, love, and awareness at the heart of my process when using it. Wanting to share all of that, I created this design for anyone else similarly drawn to the cleansing process and are aware of its multifaceted roots. Most importantly, please do your own research, and follow what’s right for you.
  • This sticker set is pure fun and joy. As an avid planner I wanted to create a fun sticker set to highlight the Kitchen Witch in me. I use these stickers when I'm planning my week and want to try out a new recipe or spell.
  • I'll layer mediums in my journal using these stickers. They have such a cozy vibe that they're perfect to lay over watercolor journal pages, my meal planning guide, to write up recipes to add to a handwritten letter, and to include in a grimoire or book of shadows. 
  • When I take notes on crystals or chakras, I enjoy using the stickers on the first apothecary page to label my pages.
  • These fit into a wide variety of planners, journals, and notebooks. Use them any way you like!


Elements Meet the Tarot Suits

Currently working on a creative Major Arcana tarot workbook. It will definitely include mixed media art, collage, and poems to showcase each Major card. There will be space to write in your interpretation and offer it to the collective conscious and value it in every reading you do. 



 Adding a video on why I made this pendulum cloth, how to use it, and explore the inner and outer track presented within it to answer any question you may have.


Examples of Journaling Prompts for a Previous New Moon

Working with the moon's phases, it's easy to feel the plurality and constant cycle living within each of us. No matter how much of the moon is showing, or momentarily not showing during the new moon today, it is always whole. Just like you.

  1. During the dark of this new moon, which animal from The Moon tarot card is at the forefront of your mind- the domestic dog or the instinctual wolf?
  2. Where does your intention live on this new moon? 
  3. How can you lure your crayfish or shadow self out today? What have your fears been keeping you from starting?
  4. Visualize a choice you have to make and the two towers representing two options. Both are beckoning forward, but each step towards one takes you further from the other. Pick one to focus on and keep stepping. When you get next to it, inspect the tower that you're at. Which did you choose?


New Hidden Crystal Tarot Spreads