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Thank you so much for purchasing the Kitchen Witch Sticker set. I made a few downloads you can use to plan out your week. 

  • Magical Meal Planning Worksheet: Weekly snapshot to take stock of what you have, want, and can create to nourish your body. Perfect for lamination and reuse.
  • Printable Recipe Cards: A larger version of the popular sticker included within your set. The sticker is perfect for scrapbooking and weekly planning, and this printable version gives you more space to make notes and share recipes with friends.
  • Kitchen Witch Lists: Energized space to write down tasks, ideas, and plans and then check them off. This is another page to laminate and reuse over and over again.

These all come in the same weathered tan color of the stickers, while the third page also comes in a white background to cut down on printer ink.


Download them here: