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NEW Blooming Tarot Cloth
NEW Blooming Tarot Cloth
NEW Blooming Tarot Cloth
NEW Blooming Tarot Cloth

NEW Blooming Tarot Cloth


Our Blooming Tarot Cloth offers a built-in guide to let your tarot spreads reveal their answers to you on our bed of blossoming flowers.

Based on your question, intention, and direction, your reading will be as unique as you are. There's no wrong way to use this cloth, and whatever message you intuit is yours alone. The center remains open to add your own tarot spreads, or altar tools within its' sacred space. 

Sometimes when we cozy up to our cloth we are all set to draw cards, but don't know what spread to use. To help, we included a tarot spread infographic with eight of our favorite tarot spreads to try out as a handy reference guide USING your cloth's placements. It will look like a blooming field of opportunities. Your insert also includes the energy of the powerful flowers that inspired this cloth (snapdragons, dandelions, roses, cinquefoil saffron crocus, peonies, and sunflowers).

My favorite way to use this tarot cloth is to draw my cards on the open center as my guiding card, or current card. Then I pull cards on either side of it to represent guidance for my current path. This gives me room to interpret it and remember we're never cornered or stuck. There's always a number of options forward to play with.

Our cloths are luxurious short velvet that feel plush against your skin and cards. We've searched and tested dozens of fabrics and this is our favorite one to feel, and has the perfect texture to make sure your cards don't move.

Most importantly, we want you to love your cloth. If you think your cloth is less than perfect or you don't end up loving it, we welcome you to contact us for any reason and we'll make it right. We'll send you a new one or refund your money. We want you to love your tarot cloth art.
Fabric and Care


Our cloth is made out of a plush 200 gsm short velvet fabric (100% polyester). The front is the soft velvet with the black and white or colorful design and the back is a smooth white backing. We’ve hemmed the edge to make sure it will last for your tarot reading journey. This cloth ships folded.


We chose this cloth because of its texture, durability, quality, and ability to highlight a crisp, clearly printed design. You can spot clean it, or we suggest placing it in a laundry bag and washing it on a cold cycle. If you'd like to iron it, set your iron on its lowest heat setting and iron the smooth white backing side of the cloth.

Love Your Cloth

We only want you to love your cloth. We're happy to accept returns within 14 days or send you a brand new cloth.

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Hi I'm Cathy

I'm so glad you're here. 

I've been offering seasonal wellness inspiration and products since 2018. My goal is to help make wellness and woo an easy and approachable part of daily self care for your whole family.

I use tarot, read, and journal every day as part of my spiritual practice. My sun and moon are in Leo and my fiery side is balanced by being near the ocean, bathing, or drinking tea.

I'm always happy for feedback and welcome you into my design process.

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Our values are to live with G.L.E.E. (Global Citizenry, Lifelong Learning, Empowerment, and Energy), and each one is thoughtfully weaved into the resources for families so that we can all raise thriving, mindful global leaders.

Who Doesn't Love Stickers

Enjoy magical sticker sets to support your self care journey. Every order includes a sampler to try them out.

Create Sacred Space With Our Cloth

Each cloth has a theme that amplifies your intention and provides a safe place and sacred space for your cards and altar.

NEW Blooming Tarot Cloth

NEW Blooming Tarot Cloth